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Cantina Events Policy

Ticket Sales

The purchase of an event ticket from Cantina Carnitas entitles the buyer to access the services outlined in the event description subject to availability. 

Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of redemption.

Tickets can only be redeemed once.

When redeeming multiple tickets each one must be scanned to allow all eligible persons present to access the event. Individuals cannot be admitted to an event without a scanned ticket at point of entry.

Cantina Carnitas reserves the right to modify an event offering without prior notice.



A full ticket refund can only be processed 5 business days in advance on an event.

Due to the nature of our business and lead time required to supply and cater a ticketed event we are unable to offer refunds closer to the time and date of the event in question.

This is to allow Cantina Carnitas and partners the opportunity to resell refunded tickets to other potential buyers and/or adjust event preparations accordingly.

If a ticket holder is unable to attend an event and requests a refund after this time it will be offered solely at the discretion of the management.

Should an event be changed, altered or modified to account for unforeseen circumstances requested refunds will again be offered solely at the discretion of the management.

Transferring Tickets

In the event that an individual becomes unable to attend an event for which a ticket has been purchased, tickets may be transferred to another individual. Tickets are scanned on entrance to our venues and can only be redeemed once. For another individual to use a ticket they must be in possession of a valid physical or digital copy of the ticket.


Ticket Redemption

Tickets are only valid for the described event for which they have been purchased and are non transferable to other events within Cantina Carnitas’ venues. Each ticket is valid for one individual to access the services described within the event description subject to availability.



All attendees are required to behave in a courteous and respectful manner towards each other and event staff. Exhibiting behavior that falls short of expectations may result in management's decision to remove individuals from the venue for the safety and well being of  staff and other guests. 

The management reserves the right to remove or deny admittance to any paying or non paying customer from or to an internal or external event due to behavior that is deemed to be unacceptable.


Event cancellation

In the event of cancellation all attendees will be notified via email at the earliest possible opportunity. Where tickets have been purchased a full refund will be processed within 28 business days of the cancellation. 

Cantina Carnitas reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason and without prior notice.


Where alcoholic drinks are offered as part of an event promotion proof of age must be shown for the redemption of this offer. Failure to show valid ID will only permit the customer to consume non-alcoholic beverages in accordance with the law on the sale of alcohol.

If you have any questions of feedback about Cantina Events please contact

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